A photo of Ed Wolak, President of the Wolak Group throwing a strike at the dunk tank target.

Edward Wolak

President and Chief Executive Officer

Ed founded The Wolak Group in 1975 and has 43+ years experience in the Dunkin’ Donuts business, as well as extensive experience as a developer of commercial real estate. He is well known and respected in the Dunkin Donuts community, as evidenced by the various positions he holds (or has held) and honors he has received. Ed’s current appointments/elected positions include: elected member of the Brand Advisory Council for Dunkin’ Brands; Co-Chairman of the Dunkin’ Donuts Development Advisory Steering Committee; Chairman of the Southern Maine Franchise Owner District Council; Northeast Dunkin’ Donuts Advisory Council delegate; Ad Committee member; member of the Store of the Future Subcommittee; and member of the Executive Committee of Mid-Maine CPL (the first cooperatively owned central bakery facility in the Dunkin’ Donuts system). In 2005, Ed served as a member of the G-6 Committee, which consisted of six Dunkin’ Donuts franchisees chosen to represent franchisees’ interests ahead of the sale of Dunkin’ Brands to three private equity firms). He also has been honored to receive numerous awards from Dunkin’ Brands, including the Dunkin’ Brands Retail Excellence Award for 2000 and the Dunkin’ Brands Developer of the Year Award for 2010. Ed earned a B.S in Business Management (with a minor in Finance) at Southern New Hampshire University in 1974.